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As we have a long tradition and experience in treating patients from all over the world, we are able to offer modern treatment-methods according to all cultural and religious demands.

You can contact us before or during your stay in Germany, so we can organize fast and flexible appointments for a fast and high-quality treatment.


We are experts in all fields of dentistry.


Periodontitis is widespread bacteria-associated disease, that can cause toothloss if left untreated.
One of the first signs of Periodontitis is bleeding of the gums, while brushing your teeth. In this case an immediate treatment is needed.
As we are specialists in periodontology we can offer a scientifically based method to stop periodontitis and save your teeth.


Dental implants can replace lost teeth or teeth that have to be removed.
Our implantological method has been developed respecting to the biology of the human bone and the surrounding soft tissue. As we take a microsurgical approach it is minimally invasive, atraumatic and gentle. Microsurgical implantology causes faster wound healing and reduced post surgical pain.
Together with our team of specialized anesthetists we can offer all treatments under general anesthesia.

Aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry

Did you ever wish to have a Hollywood-Smile? Wether tooth substance has been destroyed by caries or you are unhappy with your smile, we are able to help you.
Modern ceramics are capable of imitating the natural look and aesthetics of natural teeth. Together with our team of highly skilled dental technicians we can create great aesthetic smiles and reconstruct teeth functionally and naturally.
Dental crowns, inlays, bridges and veneers are manufactured according to the highest standards of quality.


For more information or an appointment give us a call or contact us via email.
Mrs. Lisa Gramueller is responsible for coordinating treatments and appointments for our patients from all over the world.




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